Investment/Cost for Nourished in Nature Forest School in Unicoi, TN

Imagine seeing your child thriving in a program where they are immersed in nature, while learning and doing really cool things. At Nourished in Nature, we strive to provide a program that supports your child in learning, in growing, and in nature immersion.

We meet on Mondays, during the school year from 10am-2pm and offer additional classes in the summer months like herbal salve making and herb walks for homeschooling families.

More Information about each option that we offer

Forest School Enrichment Community Building for Families

Mondays: 10am-2pm
For all ages of children with their caregiver.
We meet in sessions. Fall session is September through December, Winter is February through April, Spring is April through June and we're off in the summer.
Cost: $295 per session per family
This is a homeschooling community building program for parents and children. We know the need for building community in this area and we are answering that call. Additionally, this is an opportunity for parents to become immersed in nature with their children, helping with activities and learning skills. Join us to meet like-minded people and to build a strong community for yourself and your children.

Homeschool Enrichment for Teens

The first Friday of each month
(Join our Waitlist now - when we have enough students enrolled, we'll begin this group)
Cost: $30 per class
For homeschooled teens ages 13-18
Teenagers will learn useful homesteading and nature skills, as well as wild-crafting herbs, foraging, animal husbandry, and survival skills.