Events at Nourished in Nature

Herb walks are finished for the season. We will be back in the Spring! Stay tuned for more classes coming this fall and winter.

Tree of Life Farm is located in Unicoi, in the beautiful Unaka Mountains. It is home to many medicinal plants, as well as cows and chickens. This is also the home to Nourished in Nature - a Farm, Forest and Nature Homeschool Enrichment Program.

We’ll guide your family on a walk through the property and garden, introducing you and your children to the living medicine of everyday plants growing all around. Afterwards, we’ll lunch together and make an herbal product that you’ll take home and add to your medicine cabinet. After briefly touring the farm, you’ll head home more informed about many plants you may not have noticed before and will start finding just how much is available right under your nose. You’ll gain basic knowledge for identifying and deepening your curiosity for the nature around you and know how to draw on these wonderful plants to support and care for your family.

Your child will leave with the knowledge of how to create a product that they can use on a daily basis from the medicinal plants growing in nature. They will also leave with the product they create - we will be creating a medicinal lip balm with calendula (soothing) and lemon balm (soothing and great for cold sores). Each child in your family will leave with their own product.


Date: TBD Spring 2024
Place: Tree of Life Farm (Unicoi)
Time: 10am-12:30pm (please bring a lunch)
Cost: $60 for your whole family (including grandparents) - This includes all supplies needed to create the product that your child(ren) will take home with them - each child will leave with their own product.

*After you register, you will receive an email with additional information, including the address in Unicoi.