More Information after acceptance (Payment, clothing, etc)

Welcome to Nourished in Nature!

We're very excited to have you as part of our program!

Now that you have been accepted into the program, you're probably wondering the next steps and more details about what you will need for your child. As you know, we meet rain or shine, so your child will need to have appropriate clothing for all kinds of weather. Please purchase the following clothes so your child will be comfortable in cold and wet conditions:

Winter Jacket
Snow pants with bibs
Rain suit (this can either be a one piece rain suit, or rain pants and a rain jacket)
Rain boots
Snow boots (rated for the cold)
Winter hat
Winter gloves
Scarf or neck warmer
Thermal underwear ("Long johns")
Sun Hat
Sunscreen (if you want to apply this to your child on sunny and hot days)

We also ask that you bring an extra pair of clothing for your child to leave in our bin for emergency times when you don't have an extra pair of clothing. If your child is very sensitive to being wet, then please bring us a couple pairs of clothing for our bin. You can put these clothes in a bag with your child's name on it.

On Mondays, when you're packing them up for Nourished in Nature - please pack the following:

A snack for your child
Lunch for your child
A sun hat if it's going to be hot

If the weather is pouring rain or very cold, we’ll be in an enclosed area on the homestead.

We will be following the Unicoi County Public School cancellations and if we need to cancel due to inclement weather, you will be not be charged for missing that day.

You can contact Anna Duval with any questions: (423) 817-5261.

If you need to reach us on the day of, there is no cell service out on the farm, so you can call the landline at the farm at (423)220-3034.

Mom and child walking in the forest after rain in raincoats together, looking at mushrooms on a fallen tree and talking

What about payment?

We offer a few different options for payment for our program. We're asking the first payment be made by August 7th in order to secure your spot in the program.

You can pay the first month plus supply fee ($230 total) in any of these ways:

Venmo: to @Nourished-in-Nature (add a 2% additional fee since this is a business account - so the total with venmo would be $234.60)

Paypal: to (add a 3% fee so the total with paypal would be $236.90).

Or send a personal check for $230 to:

Nourished in Nature
525 Deer Haven Rd
Unicoi, TN 37692

For monthly fees - after the first month, it's $200 per month. This is per every 4 weeks (we are off on holidays and we don't charge for those days).

We're so excited for all of the beautiful
things we have planned for your children!